Barton relief road

  • November 30, 2008 4:27 pm
  • By cannon303

The Society’s contribution to the consultative process sent to North Lincs Council during October 2008.

As in the early 1990s, when this was first being discussed, the Society favours an east-west bypass.

In the 1990s there were two possible alternatives for this: a northern bypass and a southern one. The route then favoured by the Society was the former but this has subsequently been blocked by building and other development.

There remain, however, possibilities for a southern route. One is to build a road from the A1077, near the lay-by, across the A15 at or near Horkstow Road bridge, across Brigg Road, south of the houses and present 40mph limit, crossing Caistor Road at the top of the hill, to join Barrow Road at a new roundabout at Falkland Way. The other possibility, which was not previously available, would be to make a new exit from the A15 near where it crosses Horkstow Road. This stretch of the A15 has recently been reclassified: it is no longer a trunk road, so the rules as to how much space should be kept between junctions no longer apply, nor would a clover-leaf junction (as shown on the 1992 yellow route) be necessary.

Either of these alternatives would relieve the town of a large proportion of through traffic.

The arguments against the eastern route are still valid. Any route leaving the A15 at Bonby Lodge would add an unacceptable mileage to HGV journeys to-from both the western section of the A1077 and the Humber Bridge Road.

A weight limit could be placed on vehicles using the Ferriby Road out of/into town to deter HGVs, but this would not prevent cars passing through Barton from using either of these roads or necessarily divert them from joining/leaving the A15 at the Humber Bridge roundabout, so traffic congestion in the town would be largely unaffected. Any eastern route would also do extensive environmental damage to Deepdale.The Society therefore favours an east-west bypass. We suggest that the case for this is even stronger now than it was in 1993 and we would urge North Lincolnshire Council to prepare a scheme for a by pass on the lines that we propose.

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