Good Marks

The Good Marks scheme seeks to recognise improvements to the street scene and general care of the built environment, improvements to the natural environment and personal achievement. The award of Good Marks is confined to improvements within the Barton parish.

Nominations are considered at each Executive committee meeting, and a certificate is awarded to any successful projects. At the end of each year the Executive committee consider all the certificated projects and an Annual Award is presented to the overall winner at the Society’s Annual General Meeting held in July.

A Green Good Mark has now been introduced in recognition of environmental improvements and for other deserving schemes which may help the environment, reduce waste etc.

David Dent accepting the 2022 Annual Award from Neil Jacques (Chair) for his housing development at Coach Well Gardens

Good Marks


  • David Dent     ‘the magnificent development of his High Street site reflecting several aspects of Barton’s history’
  • Mr. John Crow [Tradeline Group]      ‘the successful conversion of a long derelict property’,Haven House,The Loftings Development, Waterside Road, Barton on Humber
  • Mr Paul Gibson   ‘his attractively presented, comprehensive and thoroughly researched website on Barton’s public houses and breweries: A valuable addition to Barton’s recorded history.
  • Barton Town Council ‘The Bartonian’ –  a valuable contribution to community life
  • Mark Wilson   ‘the sympathetic restoration of door and windows which enhance the street scene’
  •  Chris and Katy Snell   ‘the renovation and painting of the front of the house, 20 Whitecross Street, which enhances the street scene’
  • Stuart Garfoot    ‘the publication of ‘Fertiliser Friends’ which contains a detailed account of employees and processes at the former Albright and Wilson Chemical Works’
  • Nick Turner    ‘The Story of William Jex’, comprehensively researched, carefully written and locally published’
  • Mr and Mrs Sykes      ‘for replacement of a concrete tiled roof with clay pantiles, 12 West Acridge’
  • Debbie Bax and Gee Koshy    ‘the high standard of refurbishment at The Sloop’
  • Barton Lions   ‘environmental improvements at Barton Railway Station’



  • Barton Tourism Partnership for the new town signs.
  • Philippa Wood curator, Baysgarth Museum for the exhibition on the life of Rex Russell.
  • North Lincs. Council for the refurbishment of the brick planters on Market Lane.
  • Newly built Salvation Army community church.
  • Baysgarth School for the creation of a ‘Sport’s Village’ on the school site.
  • Friends of Baysgarth Park for the creation of a new network of hard-surface paths.
  • John Thompson and Laurie Robinson for the production of a local CD
  • Triplow (author) for Getting Carter.


  • The “Sports Village for Community Use” at Baysgarth School
  • The new footpaths in Baysgarth Park ( to the Friends of Baysgarth Park for “ the new all-abilities footpath around the park”.).
  • The new Salvation Army church on Tofts Road
  • The Planters on Market Lane and Whitecross Street
  • The exhibition on the life and work of Rex Russell at Baysgarth House Museum.
  • Barton and District History Society for their publication “Heritage”


  • Dam Road housing development
  • Sympathetic installation of timber windows at 3 Fleetgate
  • The guest house at 73 Ferriby Road
  • Steve Barley for maintaining the shrubberies around the rail-bus interchange (Green Mark)


  • The Carnival Committee for the successful introduction of a traditional Barton festival.
  • Blue Bell Inn redevelopment
  • Laurie Robinson for his contribution to the memory of veterans of World War 1
  • 16 Holydyke – Good Mark agreed for Tasteful Improvements to a late Georgian terraced house
  • Rodney Clapson for his new book
  • Book – The 1/5th Batallion in the Great War, by Chris Bailey and Steve Bramley, published by Iron Mariner.
  • Book – Bayonets and Blue Flames ( On the life of Tom Barker)


  • Barton Town Council for “A splendid Christmas Festival, involving the wider community”
  • North Lincolnshire Council for their establishment of poppy seeds in the cemetery to commemorate World War 1. For the “ Imaginative
  • Commemoration of the Centenary of the Great War”.,
  • The new housing development in Junction Square ( former Canty and Clark premises ). Good mark confirmed for “ An attractive conversion of former business premises for residential use “.
  • The volunteers who man and run Baysgarth House Museum


  • The White Swan for “Attractive and careful refurbishment of a prominent and historic building.”
  • 33 Fleetgate for a “High Quality Renovation and a Welcome Addition to the Streetscene”.
  • The Ings Tileyard Visitor Centre for the structure and appearance of the building. – Annual Award winner.
  • House on corner of Chapel Lane and Cottage Lane for High Quality Restoration of a formerly derelict building.
  • Micky B (and associates) – Green Mark awarded for Environmental Enhancement Works carried out at Rowley’s corner. (It is understood that this work has been carried out as a Humberside Lifestyle project).
  • Barton Directory
  • The Singing Kettle Café, Fleetgate – for “ Sympathetic refurbishment of a Listed Building in a neglected part of the town


  • The Waterside Artists’ Co-operative for “The artistic design of the new gates at The Ropewalk”.
  • The re-pointing of the boundary wall on Burgate (Cobb Hall).
  • Cemetery Lodge – superb replication of the original architecture.
  • Enterprise Inns – for the restoration of the George Inn – Annual Award winner.
  • 8 Westfield Road – for reinstatement of traditional doors and windows.
  • The recent book on St. Peter’s Church.


  • 43 Fleetgate – sympathetic renovation of the front boundary.
  • Barton Shopping Centre for continuing good appearance.
  • 53, 55 and 57 Fleetgate, former Georgian Coach House – Annual Award winner.
  • Barton Directory – Letter of commendation.


  • 49 Fleetgate for imaginative interior decor.
  • Kimberley Clark awarded a Green Mark for the high standards of ground maintenance.
  • The Hub for the extension being compatible with the existing building.
  • Kingdom Hall for the standard of build – Annual Award winner.
  • 65 Fleetgate for new shutters.
  • Barton Town Council awarded a Green Mark for the standard of their hanging baskets.


  • Hasina Tanning Studio for new shop frontage – Letter of commendation.
  • The Wheatsheaf for general improvements.
  • Smailes Goldie Offices for extensive refurbishment.
  • Wilderspin National School – Annual Award winner.
  • Anchor Brewery site for the development of the cottages.
  • 4 Westfield Road for comprehensive restoration of the front elevation.
2014 Award Margaret Stone accepting the award from Richard Clarke

2014 Annual Award

Laurie Robinson and John Thompson receiving their award from Richard Clarke Jubb's Shop

Barton Then and Now

Barton on Humber Civic Society awarded a Good Mark to Laurie Robinson and John Thompson for their compilation of two DVDs about Barton. The first one, “Barton Then and Now”, depicts scenes of Barton shops and businesses several decades ago, accompanied by images of the same location in the present day. The second one, “ Barton’s Past Industry and People”, features scenes of traditional Barton industries, including many of the Hopper Cycle works.

All profits from the sale of the DVDs have been donated to the St. Mary’s Church shoebox appeal.

The accompanying photographs show the award being presented to Laurie ( left) and John ( centre ) by Richard Clarke, chairman of the Civic Society, in front of the current Euronics shop on George Street, together with an image featured on the DVD of the same building many years ago (right).

500 copies of the DVDs were made, and there are now only a few now remaining for sale at Euronics, Micky B’s, The Old Tileworks and the Ropewalk.

A third DVD is currently being compiled for release in Autumn.

Ropewalk Plaque Richard Hatfield accepting his award from Andrew Robinson

2006 Annual Award

This photograph shows Richard Hatfield of the Ropewalk Co-operative receiving the 2006 Annual Award from the then Civic Society Chairman, Andrew Robinson, in recognition of work at Ropewalk Contemporary Arts and Crafts.