Latest Past Events

A Glimpse of Tudor Domestic Life in Barton

Neil Wilkyn analyses a probate inventory, a document compiled after an individual’s death listing all that they owed. This example gives us a tantalising glimpse into the home of a Barton resident in the sixteenth century. What possessions did they have? What was their furniture like? A chance to look through a window into a... Read more...

The Teacher is Abroad in the Land

Samuel Wilderspin began his pioneering work spreading Infant Schools throughout the British Isles in 1820. To commemorate this bicentenary anniversary Ian Wolseley explores the travels, trials and tribulations of this itinerant promoter of Infant education as he journeyed by road and sea just as the railway age dawned – making a four-year “stopover” here in... Read more...

Heritage Open Days

This heritage festival has become a major event in Barton’s calendar, drawing in many visitors from far and wide, as well as opening up hidden treasures and stories to residents. Expect a fun-filled programme which will be published in the autumn when and will have all the details.