Environment sub-committee

The Environment Sub-committee is responsible for such things as planning applications, local traffic matters and other related matters and usually meet on a monthly basis.

The sub-committee strives to encourage high environmental standards in the town, working with both town and county councils and other interested parties.  We scrutinize and vet planning applications for new developments, keep an eye open for any new or restored building meriting a `good mark`, and enhance the natural environment by planting trees in the town.

Following a fatal road accident in the Market Place in August 2008, voices were raised in favour of a relief road for Barton`s traffic.  As in the early 1990s when this was first being discussed, the committee put forward a plan for this (Barton Relief Road: the Society`s contribution to the consultative process) but, as before, the Council has decided not to pursue any such scheme for the time being

In 2008 – 09, we have been concentrating our efforts on improving the condition of Fleetgate, an important part of Barton`s conservation area, which we consider to be at risk The main problem here is the overuse of Fleetgate by traffic, this severely diminishing its desirability as a residential and commercial street and precipitating a downward spiral of social decline with adverse consequences for the fabric of the street and its buildings.

In 2008, we organized two public meetings which contributed to the production of a document containing recommendations that were accepted in principle by Barton Town Council – see our paper, Some Suggested Solutions to the Problem of traffic in Fleetgate, Barton-upon-Humber: a Discussion Document.  These meetings also provided the catalyst for the formation of a residents` association which has since become an official Neighbourhood Watch group.  We hope that this will provide added pressure for positive change.  However, any real improvement here is dependent on a new overall design for the area, this involving principally the movement of traffic and improvements to the rail-bus interchange.

Some consultation has already taken place with Barton Town Council, North Lincolnshire Council, the Community Rail Partnership, English Heritage, as well as Fleetgate residents.  In the coming months we plan to continue consultation with these bodies with a view to formulating some plan of our own to submit to NLC. 

The Chairman of the Sub-Group is Neil Jacques

Current Issues

  • Work has been done to improve the Beck area of the town.  Click here for information.
  • The sub committee is carrying out a review of all the snickets in Barton with the aim of getting them included on the definitive map.
  • The sub committee is continuing to press for action regarding traffic amendments to Fleetgate and Castledyke.  Some ideas include tidying up the Transport Interchenge, redesigning the car park at the top of Fleetgate and try to reduce the volume of traffic.
  • The sub committee continue to monitor all planning applications relevant to Barton, with appropriate action taken if it is felt necessary.

For more information about the Environment sub-committee please email help@bartoncivicsociety.co.uk.