Improving the Beck

On 14 November some members of the Environment Sub-Group of  BCS joined forces with  members of  the Barton Lions to improve the appearance of the Beck and give people passing along Beck Hill a better view of St Mary`s church.  This involved cutting back some of the Portugal laurel and dogwood, strimming the tall weeds growing beyond the grassed area, removing two large sacks of rubbish and, most important, cutting the willows growing in the central part down to ground level.  Most of this growth is actually from limbs of trees that have fallen and rooted in the muddy soil.  They will continue to be a problem in the future unless they are grubbed out.  This will involve the use of machinery and be quite expensive.  However, Barton Town Council and other interested bodies are prepared to help financially, and in the summer we hope to get the work done.  With that and some additional shrub pruning we expect the whole Beck to look a good deal better.


The morning view of the church and the Beck. Work underway by volunteers The view of the church and the Beck after the work.

The neglect of what is potentially a most attractive area is a great pity.  The reason is that it does not actually belong to anyone and is therefore no-one`s responsibility.  Volunteer labour is thus the only way to maintain it, so any extra hands to tackle the task would be very welcome!            


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