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51 Fleetgate

Volunteer guides look after the building on behalf of the Society, and open the house to visitors free of charge several times a year when they are on hand to answer questions and tell visitors about the building and its history.

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51 Fleetgate (on the right) along with 49 and 47 Fleetgate.

This grade II* listed building is thought to be the oldest residential house in North Lincolnshire. The front section is part of what was a single house incorporating 47, 49 and 51 Fleetgate, possibly dating from 1325.  A major extension was started around 1425 when a large oak-framed hall was built on the rear of the north and which is now number 51.

The house was open from the floor to the crown post roof which was originally thatched. There would have been an open fire in the middle of the floor, with smoke escaping through louvers in the thatch.  During the 17th century the chimney stack was added.

The property was later split into three houses and number 51 was bought by the Clipson family and opened as a barber shop and tobacconist in 1908. The Clipson family did not alter the interior, which remains much the same today as it would have done in 1900. The house is owned and maintained by North Lincs Council.



Main Features

Front Room - Barbers Shop and Tobacconist's.

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Some of the bottles on display in the barbers shop (front room)

One of the advertisements on the ceiling of the barbers shop (front room)

Rear South Room - Kitchen.

Description: The range in the kitchen

The range complete with iron still in situ.

Rear North Room - Scullery.

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Description: The scullery complete with some of the items in use in Fred's day.

The scullery with the washing implements used at the time.

The scullery complete with may old items not generally seen today.

Upstairs Rear Wing - Bedroom Area.

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The crown post roof is also visible in the walls of the room.

This room is the best place to see the medieval crown post roof.

Upstairs Front Room - Bedroom Area.

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The display in this room is changed frequently.

The fireplace with map above.

The Rear Garden.

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Description: The gardens of 51 Fleetgate looking towards the building.

The gardens of 51 Fleetgate looking away from the building.

The gardens of 51 Fleetgate looking towards the building.

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Christmas at 51 Fleetgate

Christmas is not complete without a visit to 51 Fleetgate on the day of the Barton Christmas Festival.  Every year the Society open the doors and offer a warm welcome to all visitors, including mince pies and mulled wine.  If you are not in the Christmas mood before this day then you will be after it.  Why not pop in next Christmas and see what a treat it really is.

Description: The Christmas window display

Description: Warm mulled wine

Description: Hot mince pies (and Val)

The Christmas window display

Warm mulled wine

Hot mince pies

Visit Fleetgate - Open Days 2014


Details of Event

20thApril 2014

Open Day - Open 1 pm to 4 pm

25th May 2014

Open Day - Open 1 pm to 4 pm

8th June 2014

Open Day - Open 1 pm to 4 pm

27th July 2014

Open Day - Open 1 pm to 4 pm

14th September 2014

Lincolnshire Heritage Open Day - Open 1 pm to 4 pm

29th November 2014

Barton Christmas Festival Open Day - Open 1 pm to 6 pm

We are prepared to open on any day at any reasonable time for private bookings, i.e. Clubs, Families, History groups, Schools etc.

For more details please call 01652 635172.

We do not make a fixed charge for bookings but a donation will be appreciated.

Would You Like To Volunteer?

We are looking to extend our small dedicated team of volunteers at 51 Fleetgate.  We realise it can be a daunting experience but believe it can be a rewarding one.  Here are a few frequently asked questions which may help:-

Q. How much of my time will it take up?
A. Your name will be placed on a rota, you will decided how much time you will give and on what day.

Q. I don't feel confident in showing visitors round the property. Is training given?
A. Yes, we will give you all the help you require to boost your confidence. We intend holding regular informal meetings with volunteers to sort out any problems we may have.

Q. I don't want to be a tour guide; can I help in any other way?
A. Yes, there are several ways in which you can help. some are listed below:
    Greeting visitors in the shop, and making them feel welcome.
    Selling books and merchandise.
    If visitors are waiting for a guide, keep them entertained for a few minutes until one becomes available.
    Setting up displays.
    Window dressing.
    Just like your own home, this list could go on and on.

Q. How many volunteers are there at the moment?
A. We have about nine, I won't attempt to list them all as I am bound to miss one out! All volunteers are prepared to give help and advice when required. If you decide that you would like to become a guide, existing guides will encourage you to accompany them on tours of the property. This will give you a good idea of the way in which we do it.

We hope you are interested in becoming a 51 Fleetgate volunteer, you will be made to feel very welcome.  If you are interested please contact the Society on the numbers above, or email them.

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